Friday, September 9, 2011

A Different Brew Method: The Toddy Coffee Maker

My grandma has sworn by this method of brewing coffee for the longest time now and I finally was able to get ahold of the contraption she has named "The Toddy Coffee Maker." I'm going to post the pictures below, but basically for this method you grind 1 lb. of the beans (in this case I used some of the Yirga Cheffe I had left over) at a medium or regular grind. You then basically dump this pound of coffee into this white bucket that has a damp filter on the bottom of it and a cork in the hole at the bottom where the coffee will come up after you let it sit. After the cork, filter and grounds are set up, you finally poor 9 cups of regular water on top of the grounds and let the grounds sit for 10 - 12 hours, depending on how strong you want your coffee. Then you pull the cork out of the bottom of this white bucket after the allotted amount of time and your coffee flows into a glass container and is ready to consume. My grandma loves this method because it makes the coffee really strong, so all she has to do in the morning is make some hot water, pour a little bit of this coffee into her mug and then fill the rest of the mug with hot water and bam she has her cup of coffee every morning.

I decided to only let the Yirga Cheffe sit for 10 hours, to see how strong it would turn out and maybe next time I will try 12. The 10 hour Yirga Cheffe though turned out surprisingly smooth and much more lighter on the tongue compared to the French press. Though at the end of the day I liked the French press more because the body was stronger, it was still a pretty good cup of coffee and I was impressed by most of the body flavors still being present.

Anyways I thought it was a interesting method and definitely is better than drip coffee in my opinion. Here are the pictures and I'll have another post soon when I finally get my Aeropress! Yipeeee!

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