Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Ethiopian Beans

I just received and roasted the beans I ordered from Sweet Maria's! I got two kinds of beans from Ethiopia, both dry processed, and both super delicious.

The first bean I roasted was the Grade 3 Yirga Cheffe. I roasted a pound at a City Roast and another pound at a Full City roast. A City Roast is were you stop the beans right after the end of the first "crack" and is in general the lightest roast you can make a coffee. The Full City roast is a bit trickier because you stop roasting the coffee right before the second "crack" starts. This at times is hard to tell and takes some practice but the Yirga Cheffe at Full City was most definitely my favorite out of the two. The City had an amazing peanut butter aroma and tasted pretty good too, though it could not compete with the body and aftertaste of the Full City Roast.

The second bean I tried from Ethiopia was the Bench Maji Biftu. This bean I roasted at a Full City + roast, which is basically stopping the roast at 2 or 3 cracks into the second "crack." This made it a bolder roast than the Yirga Cheffe and I was blown away with how strong the body was in my cup. I might try the other pound I got of this coffee at a City + roast next time I roast just to see the difference, but at a Full City + it was still pretty tasty and kind of fruity.

My Ethiopian coffee experience overall was pretty good. I loved both beans and will definitely be ordering them again from Sweet Maria's. Here are some pics! Peace!

*Edit: Added pics.

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