Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guatemala Acatenagno Gesha Beans

Delicious. These beans from Sweet Maria's were some of the best Central American beans I've ever had. Before I get to the beans though I want to say sorry about taking forever to write this post, I've been super busy with school recently, but I finally have the time to sit down and write about this roast.

I actually roasted and tried this batch about three weeks ago at the recommended City+ roast. The beans were a bit on the larger side, but they weren't too big, more or less a standard size. I roasted them with my Behmor for 16 minutes and the batch turned out pretty light and very few bad beans in it. Over all, it was a fairly easy roast with minimum clean up that made me happy.

I decided to try this batch with my Aeropress. I used both the normal brewing technique and the inverted one and once again, the inverted method came out on top for me. The coffee itself was a very floral cup with a medium body that I enjoyed very much. With the inverted method, I could taste some hints of cherry and strawberry that did not come up with the regular method. All in all, it was a delicious cup and I kept the beans in my grinder for the rest of the week.

I recently got a Chemex, which I am super stoked about and plan on testing my roast with along with the Aeropress for the next couple of months. Thanks for being patient with me this past month as I haven't been very active, but after finals are over next week, I plan to do a lot of coffee experiments/cuppings over the break! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season and I'll be posting more stuff soon!

Love Brando.