Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Blue Mountain Experience

I recently got to order some green Jamaican Blue Mountain Clifton Mount coffee beans from Roastmasters! I was super stoked when I ordered them because I have heard a lot of the Blue Mountain coffee and was excited to finally get to roast them and try them for myself.

Roastmasters suggested a City + roast for these beans and since it was my first time every roasting them/trying them I decided to trust their suggestion and did the batch at City +. These green beans were pretty big and did not have a lot of chaff, which is always nice because it makes the clean up a lot easier. After roasting and letting the beans sit for 24 hours, I took a whiff of the dry fragrance before I brewed my cup and got a very nutty smell with floral hints in it. 

I decided to brew the first cup with my Aeropress using the inverted method. This brew method gave me a deliciously light cup of coffee that was probably the sweetest coffee I have ever tried. The body was smooth and clean going down the throat and overall a pretty impressive cup. The cup also had some hints of citrus to me, which I enjoyed and made it a unique cup. Another thing I was impressed with was the low acidity, considering the beans were wet processed. It wasn't like dry processed beans, but it was definitely the lowest acidic cup I've ever had with a wet processed bean. I decided after finishing this delicious cup I needed to try the normal Aeropress brew method to compare the two. The normal brew method was mildly disappointing to me after doing the inverted one because of the stronger body. Personally I wasn't a fan of it, but if you enjoy a strong body I would highly recommend using the normal brew method. 

That was the core difference to me in the two different methods but overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the beans. I would definitely recommend getting a pound or two over at Roastmasters if you've never had Jamaican Blue Mountain beans before. It's a great cup of coffee and I'm positive you won't be disappointed! Here some pictures and I hope you're all having a great month!

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